We started as a group of friends who played our favorite games: Madden and NBA 2K!  Most times, we would play for cold hard cash and of course bragging rights!  It was very fun, and the good energy could be felt for days after our tournaments ended.  This experience birthed the idea of starting an online gaming site where we can share our experience with gamers across the world.  Elite Gamerz is a mega platform where gamers from across the world can play each other on their favorite video games for cash prizes.  Our motto is:  If you are great at something, why not get paid for it?!

What is Elite Gamerz?

Elite Gamerz is a competitive site where the best video gamers can compete in tournaments for money and other prizes.  Gamers compete to take the titles of the best gamers in the world!  Current platforms are PS4, XBOX1 and PC.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up.

Does it cost to sign up for Elite Gamerz?

No.  It does not cost a thing!

Is Elite Gamerz legal?

Elite Gamerz is legal.  It is legal since whether you win or not is determined by each participants skill and not left up to chance.  If you live in any of the following states, you may not participate in Elite Gamerz for cash and prizes: Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Tennessee.

Is the site secure?

This site is secured using SSL Certificates.

How does Elite Gamerz work?

Elite Gamerz is a secured third-party community for gamers to play head to head individual matches. Also, participants can team up in matches and compete in huge tournaments. Once a challenge is accepted or if you choose to compete in a tournament, money from each participants account is automatically withdrawn and then deposited into our secure escrow account.  Once the online match is finished and the winner is declared, he/she will receive an automatic credit to their account.

What games can you play online?

Elite Gamerz support Madden, NBA 2K, Fortnite, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, and FIFA. We will be adding more games as they become available.  If you have any games in mind or ideas, please feel free to reach out to us at admin@elitegamerz.co.  We will respond to all request.

How do I play a match?

We have different ways of how you can play a match.  You can either start in the matchmaking lobby or you can create your own custom match, allowing other participants to join. You also have the option to join any tournament.
Add your opponent by their PSN and Xbox Gamertags. DO NOT accept an invite that DOES NOTmatch the Gamertag of the platform you are playing on.  If you disregard this blatant notice, any complaints will not be considered.
Any rules not stated in the pre-game rules will be considered invalid and not an enforceable rule for the match.  All agreed upon rules apply to both opponents’, unless the agreed upon rules specifically state otherwise.  Any rule that does not pertain to game play for the match that is set up is not an enforceable rule.


Live streaming is optional for players who would like to stream their games. Live streaming allows you to watch matches anywhere!
Once the site reaches a substantial number of participants, “Game of the Week” will be enabled.  The mode called “Game of the Week” is where you or your opponent will have the option to send your match to Elite Gamerz.  We will decide the top 3 games that were the best and release to the site for everyone to see.  A poll will be put out for the Elite Gamerz community to vote the best game out of the top 3.  Winners will receive a free game.

How to play Fortnite on EliteGamerz

You and your opponent will join the SAME game as a Duo Team and compete to score the most kills. The player with the most kills at the end of the game wins.


Kills While Downed: Any kills scored while you are downed count towards your final score. Kills scored after you die do not count towards your final score (e.g. from traps, or someone that you knocked down bleeding out).

Tiebreaker: If you and your opponent finish the game with the same amount of kills, play the match again until one player finishes with more kills than the other.

Interference & Obstruction: You and your opponent may work together to secure kills. "Stealing" your opponent’s kills is allowed and part of the competitive nature.

Here are the things not allowed:
Breaking or purposely weakening any structure that your opponent has built or non-built structures or cover by any means that is actively being used by your opponent.
Causing your opponent to miss shots.
Building in front of or around your opponent (intentionally preventing movement).

Common things that are allowed:
Attracting other opponents by firing guns around your teammate (opponent)
Boxing yourself in around a loot crate or chest.
Following your teammate (opponent).
Shooting down your own structure and launch pad (if you built them).


In an event of disconnection, you and your opponent must communicate and work together to finish the match with the remaining time that is left.  If the disconnection happens at the end of the first quarter, the new game should be played to the end of the third quarter. We highly recommend recording your matches for evidence.  You can opt to record your matches via YouTube or Twitch.

Reporting Results and Cancellations

From the moment the first member reports the results of the match, the other participant has 5 minutes to verify or dispute the match report. If the results are not verified or disputed, the system will automatically verify the report 5 minutes after it is made.


Disputes should only happen when you and your opponent cannot agree on the final score of the match.  Submitting fake scores can lead to a fine.  This is another reason why Elite Gamerz urges each participant to record their matches.  Without evidence, we cannot decide on who won the match.


Elite Gamerz does not endorse cheating. After the 3rd attempt, you will be banned from the site.  Any monies left in your account will be automatically relinquished to Elite Gamerz.


1st attempt: $25 fine due immediately after discovery.
2nd attempt: $50 fine and 1-week suspension from Elite Gamerz.
3rd attempt: Automatically banned from Elite Gamerz.

Double/Ghost accounts are strictly forbidden.  If you suspect your opponent has somebody else on their account playing or suspect someone on the site has more than one account, please contact us immediately.  Be sure you have clear evidence.  If you are caught with a double/ghost account, you will be automatically and permanently banned.  We strive to bring together a gaming community surrounded by fairness and competitiveness.
If a player proves a rule to be broken by their opponent at a point where they are winning the match or the match is tied and the match is exited immediately, the player who broke the rule will concede the remaining time and lose the match.
We advise everyone to record all broken rules. If your opponent breaks any rules, quit the match immediately. Send the evidence to us at admin@elitegamerz.co.  You will receive the money and be labeled as the winner. If your evidence is notright, you will have to finish the match. Also, if you try to submit fake evidence, you will be fined.

Some tournaments will have an entry fee, and some will be sponsored.  Once the tournament has started, if you leave or quit before the match is played, you will forfeit your entry fee.  However, if you leave the tournament before it is started, you will not be penalized.
Tournaments are fun and a great way to show who is best!

How do match fees work?

Elite Gamerz takes 10% from each players’ entry fee on head to head matches. $5 games have a flat $1 service fee. Service fees help the site operate smoothly and offer big money tournaments, bonuses, and other rewards.
Are there any monthly charges that will go on my credit card?
Under no circumstance do we charge a credit card or PayPal account without prior consent.
How much money can I play in head-to head matches?
Head-to-Head competitions on Elite Gamerz may be played for any amount between $5-$1,000.

Elite Gamerz Ratings

Before deciding each players rating, we give you 5 matches to play in orderto receive your skill level. Ratings are from 1-10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest skill level you can achieve.
You are not at each level permanently.  You may move up or down at any time, depending on win and loss percentage.  When matchmaking, we will make sure you are only ranked against someone with similar skill level. New players will start at Rank: N/A until their 5 matches are played.

Hot Streak, Cold Streak?

Hot Streak is when someone goes a certain amount of games without losing.
Cold Streak is when someone goes a certain amount of games without winning.
The Hot Streak, Cold Streak feature is designed for players to play against someone with similar win/loss ratio.
How is it measured?  5 wins in a row means you are heating up.  10 wins in a row means you are extremely hot.  5 losses in a row means you are cold.  10 losses in a row means you are below zero.

How old do I have to be to become anElite Gamerz member?

You must be 18 or older to compete on this website.

Can I have more than one account?

NO. Our policy is only one account per individual and billing address.  Again, if you are caught with multiple accounts, you will receive a permanent ban.
What type of internet connection do I need to play?

We recommend using your ethernet cord/LAN cable.  You may use WiFi.  However, for optimal performance and the ultimate online console gaming experience, a cable is highly recommended.

Lag/Settings/Teams: Once the match has started, each opponent has 2 minutes to quit the match if the gameplay is lagging.  Any complaints after 2 minutes will not be considered.  We encourage each participant to be connected by ethernet/LAN cable for a better performance.
Pause Timer: If your pause timer runs out while you are losing the match, or the score is tied, then you automatically lose. If you are kicked when you are winning a match, the match will be cancelled. If you are kicked prior to the end of the first quarter of game play and the score is tied, we will consider it a non-issue and the game should be replayed. If you are "Kicked for Excessive Grieving" you lose the match.

Custom rosters and custom players or Playbooks are not allowed: You may not use custom playbooks on EliteGamerz.  Custom playbooks also pop up as West coast and Multiple-DPlaybooks. You can use the actual West Coast and Multiple-D. We advise everyone to study the real West Coast and Multiple-D playbooks. If you or your opponent get caught using a custom playbook, you will forfeit the match and automatically lose.
If you suspect your opponent is using a custom playbook during a match, quit the match, but make sureyou have sufficient evidence of your opponent running a play/formation that is not in the West Coast and Multiple-D playbook to support your claim.  Again, we highly encourage each participant to record their games.

Accelerated vs. Chew clock:

Accelerated clock is a PRE-game setting that can be set by the match host. This will cause the play clock to consistently run down to 15/20/25 seconds for each player throughout the entire match. NEW IN MADDEN 20 - the clock automatically runs time off in All-Madden difficulty after selecting a play or during a hurry-up offense. This is NOT Accelerated clock.

Chew clock is an IN-game option that is available to anyone picking an offensive play. Chew will bring the play clock down to 10 seconds after an offensive play is selected. It is legal to Chew at any time and is not disputable unless otherwise specified.

Refer a Friend: Receive $20 every time you refer someone to the EliteGamerz Family!